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Târgu Mureș
Jac Travel

We are extremely proud of our people here at JacTravel.

Across all our locations we have a dedicated staff of professional, experienced and passionate individuals. Teamwork, creativity and expertise are all key to our continued success and as a growing business we are always looking to add to the team.

 What is it like working for JacTravel?

It’s exciting, fast paced and fun; you can read what our team members have to say about us on the “Our People” page of this website. We are a multi-cultural and multi-lingual workplace and at the last count we had team members from 25 different nationalities speaking 29 different languages.

To get a real sense of what it’s like working here, you only need to spend a few minutes in our Head Office lunchroom. You’ll see an array of international foods and you’ll be greeted by the passionate conversations of the Mediterraneans among us.

We are hard working and committed but we also understand the importance of downtime. We work in teams and our team members support each other knowing that strength comes from working together.

 What do we look for?

We look for people who are passionate about developing a career with us and people who want to work for a growing company that thinks big.

We look for people who relish a challenge and understand that a growing company requires flexibility, adaptability and lots of stamina!

We look for people who we believe will make a difference – those who want help us to shape the future of our company.