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Hirschmann Automotive TM

Growth is possible only working together

Those who participate in the future, make history. At Hirschmann Automotive, we achieve constant progress in electronic connection and sensor measuring systems for the automotive industry.

Although we are truly a technology driven company, the core of our ‘Atomium’ is effectively people. We believe that good employees and a good working environment are the most important factors for success in our time.

This is indicated by the following facts: a company culture that even competitors refer to as exemplary, outstandingly qualified and motivated employees, and a strong network that connects us to customers, suppliers and locations. We constantly inspect the quality of every connection, and that means every detail however minimal, right up to connections in molecular range.

This is because connections characterize our lives and subsequently our mutual success.

 Our employees matter to us.

Employees are the greatest asset of any company.

To save and care for our greatest asset, we offer all our employees particular benefits and social contributions. Employee-friendly flexible working hours, performance-related payment, a staff canteen in addition to-targeted staff development and support are just a few examples of how Hirschmann Automotive as an employer has developed an excellent reputation in the region.