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VEO Worldwide Services

In 2006, when NOZ (the European clearance leader) started its expansion within Eastern Europe and Africa, Veo quickly fell in love with its vision and agile environment, always pushing things to discover more of this amazing business of clearance and responsible economy. Hence, we have added our own dynamic culture and mindset to everything we embraced from NOZ.

Today, Veo Worldwide is a B2B services provider, based in Europe, with over 14 years of activity. We constantly search for solutions to help business owners capitalize on their unsold stocks (past collections, short expiry products, cancelled orders) and become efficient.

With all of that, Veo is consolidating its brand based on engagement, transparency, solidarity, constant improvement and competence.



Dedicated to be the best in clearance – We aim to constantly exceed the highest requirements of our clients, thus becoming the most respected provider of B2B services and clearance solutions in Eastern Europe.



No waste. Just value – We work towards improving ourselves and the world around us. We make the most of everything  - time, resources, skill, ideas. We invest in people who constantly take it a step further, who are eager to grow and are true team players.