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Smith  Associates Europe B.V.

Smith started as a small, family business, in Houston, TX, US, nearly 40 years ago. Nowadays, Smith is the leading independent distributor of electronic components. As a pioneer in the electronics distribution marketplace, Smith has developed its customer-focused business model. Smith is a leading supplier of semiconductors, CPUs, memory, integrated circuits, peripheral devices, networking equipment, and other electronic components. Smith representatives have deep product knowledge and market expertise. 

Turn your potential into success at Smith! 

We are accelerating our growth and looking for talented individuals to join our dynamic and friendly team environment. Where will you find your niche to grow your career? Will it be in sales, procurement, or supply chain? Smith provides a world of opportunities waiting to be yours!  

With over 20 locations worldwide, you will find a home here!  

What’s it like at Smith? 

Life at Smith is ambitious, global, and moves at the pace of the constantly evolving electronics industry. Every day, the Smith family finds opportunities to work with colleagues worldwide while chasing entrepreneurial goals and helping keep our connected, modern world moving with vital components.  

Smith empowers our employees’ excellence by offering them a foundation of benefits that nurture and support their wellbeing within and outside work. From healthy PTO and work-life balance policies to progressive family/caretaker leave, we care for the whole person each employee is.   

Why not jumpstart your career at Smith?  

The opportunities at Smith are endless. At Smith, we uncover the potential in YOU early on in your career. We ensure that your career soars no matter your professional passion. 

For more details please check out our Career Page.