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Welcome to our company profile. Here we'll explain who we are and what we do, as well as try to answer 2 simple questions... 

One. Are you the right fit for us?
Two. Are we the right fit for You? 

About us. The solutions we offer to our clients

When a company wants to expand its business operations to new countries, hiring and paying international employees becomes a big challenge. Each country has its own laws and procedures on taxes, labor, records management, and other important factors that can be easily overlooked without local expertise.  

And so, for over a decade, Safeguard Global has helped hundreds of organizations pay and hire workers around the world. Today, with over 900 clients and across 15 global offices, we enable business success through smarter, more efficient payroll, onboarding, time and expense management, and more.

We equip organizations with the technology, local expertise and service to adapt and expand into 179+ international markets.

What’s it like to work at Safeguard Global

Every personal experience is unique, which makes it subjective. However, here is what you will most definitely enjoy about working at Safeguard Global:

International environment

Our organization functions across 15 global offices. And so, you will engage with fellow guardians from countries like the USA, UK, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Portugal, India, Moldova and more. It all depends on your role and the assigned objectives.

Bottom line, you will boost your communication skills (not to mention your written and spoken English) as well as expand your personal network beyond your local circle.

Good work-life balance

We offer you flexibility to help you manage a satisfactory work-life balance:

  • Paid vacation before 6 months of employment.
  • Possibilities of remote or hybrid work models.
  • Free days on all public holidays in your country.
  • 4 hours of paid time off per quarter to volunteer in your local community.

Inspiring leadership

An efficient, result oriented, yet emphatic and understanding manager is something every employee wants. We consider Safeguard Global leadership to be one of the main pillars of our success.

We are the kind of company where anyone can write an email to our CEO and get a reply; and where you can meet and talk with our Senior Leadership Team during regular or occasional global meetings.

Our leadership philosophy enables us to welcome, as well as nurture, only compassionate managers, who can guide and mentor our guardians, steering our organization towards becoming a better company every day.

Exciting career journey and valuable professional experience

At Safeguard Global you can gain knowledge and experience that will prove useful companions on your career path. 

By discovering and abiding to our corporate level ethics, procedures and protocols, you will fortify your status as a confident, high-caliber professional. 

For example, writing regularly to our clients, partners and customers will sharpen your email correspondence skills. Performing quarterly self-evaluations and establishing your own objectives will hone your self-mastery. Using professional software will enrich your technical arsenal. And, last but not least, actively participating in online team meetings and workshops will expand your horizons to the magic of team synergy.

Who are we looking for

 At Safeguard Global, we call ourselves — guardians, not to be pompous, but because it represents our values and professional mindset. We are guardians because we guard and protect our clients against risks related to non-compliance penalties, unpaid workforce, and poor strategic agility.

To stay true to our vision of changing how people work around the world and to deliver on our mission to help our customers thrive on the global market — we are looking for passionate, motivated and brave professionals. 

We need the best of talent, and we hope to see you among our guardians, who are:

Payroll Specialists: to ensure our customers' employees receive their payments accurately and on time. 

Operational Personnel: to be cognizant of and have control over the status of systems, procedures, processes and protocols, while ensuring their optimization.

IT Specialists: to do their magic of incorporating the technical requirements for our exclusive fintech software, while focusing on top-notch security and data protection.