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Producție & Cercetare

Purolite develops and manufactures resin beads used in the most regulated industries to separate, remove or recover very specific elements and compounds. Purolite produces more than 1,000 active commercial products.

Our core technology products are critical for a wide range of operations, including potable and groundwater, food & beverage, nuclear power and hydrometallurgy. They help these industries soften and demineralize water, purify sugar, remove radionuclides and concentrate valuable elements, such as gold, silver, and uranium from mineral ores. 

Our healthcare and life science products work to accelerate biological drug development processes and increase the efficiency and purity of extracted compounds. Whether it is synthetic or agarose-based, our resins provide critical solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device industries.   


We are in Romania for over 27 years, and we reached 290 employees. The passion and innovation of our employees is the key to our success. We pride ourselves on having a dynamic network of individuals, linked by a common entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, and drive for growth. As a global leader in ion exchange resin technology, we are continuously seeking top tier talent to join the team. We are committed to the success of our employees by offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and career development opportunities in a global work environment.


In short, we are a family of passionate engineers and scientists dedicated to providing effective solutions through innovative products.

If you would like to be a part of it, just ask Purolite!

Our company was acquired by Ecolab in December 2021. The acquisition of Purolite is a strategic partnership for Ecolab that will drive growth and deliver better outcomes for customers, industry and community - helping Ecolab fulfill its purpose of protecting people and the environment.