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Founded in 2010, Professional Recycle has quickly established itself as one of the biggest PET recyclers in Romania. Owing to its reliability and professionalism, to the quality of products and services, the company has won the confidence of foreign partners and has established solid business relationships.

The direct consequences of our work are maintaining a cleaner environment and nature protection. PET bottles can be considered non-aggressive for nature, as long as they are collected. COLLECTION – this is the key word.
When plastic remains in the ground or in the water it needs 800 years to decompose. Also when it is burnt, the toxic gas is released into the atmosphere.This is why it is very important that PET bottles be recycled. Moreover, the creation of a new product from recycled material means less energy consumption compared to its production from raw materials.

Professional permanent Recycle interested in the purchase of baled PET bottles, which are then converted into PET flakes.