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Generix Group Romania

Generix Group Romania is a Software Engineering Technology Center, a subsidiary of Generix Group France. We provide SaaS solutions for the industrial, logistical, and retail ecosystems from our Cluj-Napoca office, where we currently have 120 employees.

Generix Group is a leading SaaS vendor specializing in Collaborative Supply Chain solutions that enable the seamless exchange of goods and data across the globe between suppliers and customers, all while responsibly managing their flows. Its platform of innovative digital services optimizes the management of physical flows, by coordinating the entire supply process, from production to delivery, thanks to its WMS, TMS, RMS and VMI solutions; as well as logical and financial flows, by integrating the systems of all players in the chain, from order to payment, with its e-invoicing, e-reporting, EDI, P2P and O2C solutions. Generix Group creates a distinctive ecosystem designed to cater to its customers, ensuring top-notch performance and sustainability, connecting all global players in retail, industry and services, and fostering the transition toward greater digitalization and energy efficiency. With nearly 850 dedicated employees, Generix Group provides day-to-day support to over 4,500 companies across more than 60 countries, processes over 500 million invoices, handle more than 40 million order lines each month, and manage 8 million EDI messages daily. Our clientele includes Danone, FM Logistic, Fnac-Darty, Essilor, and Ferrero.

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