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Euro Gas Systems is one of the largest authorized oil and gas equipment packager in Europe. We brings world-class compression solutions  to the European, African, Middle East and CIS markets at competitive pricing levels.  Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing of:

Gas compressor packages 

We offer packaged gas compressors and packaging / repackaging / conversion services for OEMs/ customers owning existing compressors and/or drivers. EGS can design your package from bottom up or work to your designs. 

Oilfield natural gas engine powered generators

Focused on fuel tolerance and high efficiency EGS provides the best solutions for power needs at remote sites.

Air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE)

EGS produces air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE), based on several design models. Air cooled heat exchangers are first solution for process and auxiliaries cooling in gas compression, when there is no cooling water source available.