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Auto & Automotive

A name that means tradition, competence and great experience. A company that looks toward the future.
A brand that implies automation and integration. An identity that represents boundless technology.

Comau is a worldwide leader in the industrial automation field.

We offer complete engineering solutions, from product development to the realization of industrial process and automation systems. Through dynamic research and development we constantly expand and improve our product portfolio. Our competencies in Body Assembly, Powertrain Machining & Assembly, and Robotics enable Comau to deliver innovative products, systems, and solutions that suit manufacturing requirements in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Commercial Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Heavy Industry, and General Industry.

Comau Academy, the learning factory we created, and forty-plus years of experience in the global market, allow us to play a leadership role in competencies development. Comau, in fact, strongly believes that culture does not arise only in universities, but also at the workplace and then spreads, profitably, outside of them. Our technical culture is expressed every day, from the people who work at Comau to us making it available to those who are interested. Thanks to its learning programs, Comau has hired hundreds of people throughout the years, however the most important achievement is having created a stable, effective bridge to connect schools and universities to the company’s environment.