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Our offer

  • Competitive Salary & Benefits;
  • Knowledge and support from more experienced engineers;
  • Respect for your private life and your choices;
  • All tools required for high performance in your field;
  • Responsible approach, long term commitments, and stability;
  • Relocation Package for non-Cluj residents.

Your role

Project description “Sync & TA” - ASML


Within this project, two types of work packages are outsourced:

1. Synchronization activities

2. Unit test automation activities


Synchronization activities:


ASML has various software releases in place to support the various machine types. When a new feature has been implemented on a software release that software change needs to be synced from the software release where it has been created to the other software releases where the change is needed as well. This syncing of software between software releases is not a core competence of ASML, and is therefore preferably outsourced. Outsourcing those sync activities enables the ASML software teams to focus on the first feature implementation instead of the synchronization activities.

Two types of sync activities are executed within the scope of this project:

1.           Clearcase syncs; these packages are syncs from one release in Clearcase to another release in Clearcase

2.           BOA syncs; these packages are syncs from a Break Out Archive to a Clearcase stream or viceversa


Unit test automation activities:


In order to reduce risk as early as possible the software components within the ASML archive contain autotesters to test the components on various levels, from unittest level all up to system level.

Various software components within Metrology are lacking decent autotesters or have a decent coverage.

In collaboration with the Functional Cluster Test Architects Altran is focusing on two areas surrounding unittesting:

1.           UTTK to ATTEST migrations; within these packages the UTTK framework is being phased out and replaced with ATTEST unitttests

2.           Introduction of unittests for legacy components; witihin these packages unittests are introduced within components that lack decent unittest coverage on risky areas.

Your profile

  • Refactoring (test & production code);
  • C, C++;
  • Linux/Unix;
  • Test Strategy & Shift-Left;
  • Test-automation (stubs, mocks, fakes, etc);
  • Unit-testing;
  • Gtest/Gmock;
  • Previous ASML knowledge is a pre (with familiarity with development & environment: CWBD, Devbenches, Testarena, ClearCase);
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Knowledge of Agile and Scrum.

Capgemini Engineering Targu Mures

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