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Evolution | Innovation | Partnership

Hi there! We are Zenitech, a people-first company, a community of fun, determined, innovative technology and advisory professionals who combine creativity, experience, and expertise to deliver innovative digital solutions that enable organisations to reinvent and evolve for the future. 

With headquarters in the United Kingdom and three different offices in Romania, Lithuania and Hungary, we look at evolution as a strategy, innovation as a process and partnership as a mindset, delivering end-to-end solutions that move our customers' business and technological landscape forward.

We value:



Community First

Both in the partnerships and the solutions we develop, we always place community first. People are at the heart of who we are: the people in Zenitech and those in our clients’ teams.


Consistent Growth

From solutions to skills, growth is an essential part of our DNA. 

We continuously challenge ourselves, the technology, and the solutions we build to evolve and deliver value that positively impacts our employees and clients’ growth.

Simplified Process

Our processes exist to reduce complexity. We develop them in a way that helps us be more effective and creative in our work, so we can focus on what really matters.

Effective Partnerships

Our key priority is to diligently understand the organisations we work with and bring their technology and business functions together seamlessly. We strive to achieve value and meet our goals through partnerships that matter. 

Zenitech is not just a company. We are a brand that focuses on community and performance, just like you.

We are currently on the lookout for over 38 talented people to embark on our digital journey! Let's spark the conversation on how we can future-proof your career!

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Evolution | Innovation | Partnership