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IT & Software
Take Off Labs

Digitizing the Game of Golf

We are architecting, building and supporting products which power more than:

  • 2 million online golf registrations

  • 2 million golf tournament formats

  • 5.9 million scorecards, tee sheets, and reports

  • 3 million emails and text messages sent monthly to golfers

  • 5.8 million rich web pages with golf information

  • 21 million rounds of golf yearly

  • 100 million golf pairing possibilities 

More than 9,000 golf organizations in 40 countries run their operations more efficiently. 

How do we do it?

  • Highly innovative culture paired with passion and discipline

  • Collaborative environment supporting individual accountability

  • Best computer scientists, designers and psychologists express their ideas freely

  • Quick response to changing circumstances

  • Staying in touch with our customers

  • Continuous feedback integration

  • Titles do not matter to get the job done

Our Technology Stack

Constantly evolving technology stack to stay current:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Swift

  • Java

  • React

  • CoffeeScript

  • PostgreSQL

  • Kubernetes

  • Docker

  • Rspec, Capybara, Selenium

  • Your proposal and experience matters…

Interested in joining our team?

  • Upload your CV at 

  • Receive and solve a set of algorithmic problems

  • Live interview through web conference tool with senior engineer

  • Live interview with your potential manager

  • Accept offer

  • Welcome on board!

 Go to and get started.