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Inginerie & Informație tehnologică

IGW (Industrial Gears Watteeuw) is an international gear and gearbox manufacturer, part of BMT group. The company has its headquarters, IG Watteeuw International nv, in Oostkamp (Belgium). Next to that it has locations in Iași (Romania), Brno (Czech Republic),  Suzhou (China) and Zanesville, Ohio (USA).


Thanks to the IGW brand and heritage, BMT Drive Solutions has over 70 years of experience within a diverse range of applications for the industry. We know our gears and other complex components are located within the heart of the application. Our customers rely on us for a wide variety of products in the drive lines of their critical machinery. Good planning, on-time delivery and 100% fit to print are the standards we adhere to.


IGW focuses on three main markets:

·         Transport: design and manufacture and servicing of gears, gearboxes and couplings for trains, metros, trams, cable cars and marine.

·         Industry: delivering transmission solutions for a wide range of industries, such as the textile and printing industry, semiconductors, the medical and chemical sector.

·         Energy: supplying solutions for customers in the energy sector, for example oil and gas rigs, power plants, wind turbines and other applications.