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Inginerie & Informație tehnologică
Allengra Applied Technologies

The company’s main objective is to develop and produce flow sensors based on ultrasonic technology and intelligent control valves integrated with flow, temperature, and pressure measurement.

For the dynamic Allengra Team, the challenge of integrating innovative ideas into its customers’ products is always valid. The company mainly focuses on OEM (original equipment manufacturer), which meets the requirements of each customer.

Allengras’ customers receive everything from a single source: from feasibility studies to the actual development, the construction of its first functional prototype, and last but not least, the transposition into series production. Top companies in the heating and energy management industry, like Veissmann, Weishaupt, Vaillant, as well as the cleaning industry, like Karcher, are installing already Allengras’ innovative sensor technology. At the same time, Allengra is producing sensors for pharmaceutical manufactures as Burkert or WMF in the food industry.

Until now, Allengra has produced and delivered more than 700.000 sensors for different European companies, especially Germany and now is looking forward to expanding to other markets. The actual production is estimated to 100.000 ultrasonic sensors and intelligent valves every year.