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Live on 24th of November, from 15:00: Employee Engagement – the key to agile organizations and fulfilled people

Live on 5th novembere from 9:30 - Coffee with a recruiter: Friends help friends change their careers

Come work with us at the heart of change.

Join our team in of BPS professionals in Brasov and implement intelligent operations, helping clients sense, predict and act on changing customer and market developments.

Browse our job offerings and become part of a diverse team which helps clients rewire their organizations with a new, more connected operating model.

Human Resources and Talent in Brasov

Help companies improve employee engagement and retention with innovative workforce operating models by embedding customized analytics, AI and consumer-centric digital channels into the employee experience.

  • Talent acquisition 
  • Talent development 
  • Employee and HR services 

Finance and Accounting in Brasov and Iasi

We integrate process automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence to reinvent finance functions. We help clients transform their finance operations from a transactional service to a strategic asset with a data-driven, intelligent operating model.

  • Core finance operations 
  • Strategic finance operations model
  • Procurement and Sourcing in Iasi

We help leaders across Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement turn procurement from an untapped strategic asset into a source of competitive advantage.

By providing data-driven insights we help clients optimize processes, increase efficiency, and drive more value. We create a digital procurement organization that drives growth while getting the basics right.

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