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About Alvys

Alvys is on a mission to make transportation logistics companies more efficient. Transportation is a complex domain that involves many moving parts, and lacks automation and standardization. The US freight industry generates $800B in annual revenue, moving $15T worth of goods, $12T of which is moved by truck. The US carrier market is fragmented - there are around 700,000 carriers, 96% of which have fewer than 6 trucks, and 99% have fewer than 100. These smaller carriers have been overlooked by technology companies and lack tools to help them run their business. Alvys is solving this problem bottom up: backed by experience in operating a carrier and brokerage business, we develop technology in collaboration with our customers, creating a tight feedback cycle and allowing us to automate workflows end-to-end rather than simply building individual features. The advent of cloud and machine learning technologies creates possibilities, and at Alvys, our mission is to harness these possibilities to make supply chains more efficient. Our technology is our core competitive advantage.


  • You build it, You run it: rather than throwing specs over the wall to the next team, we collaborate and share ownership end-to-end.
  • Blameless Culture: we take ownership and responsibility, but we don't point fingers. We all make mistakes, but we try to do our best.
  • Engineering Excellence: we promote a principled approach to system engineering, involving the best techniques from practice and theory.
  • Trust, Transparency & Fairness: these are our core company values, and simultaneously, the underlying problems in the industry that we hope to address.