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Engineering Lead PHP

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IT & Software

We are looking for a dedicated leader seasoned by many years of software development, continuous improvement, large and difficult projects, success stories as well as failures.

A lead working on input/output will not do for this job, regardless of his technical skills. He also needs to be able to understand QA, ops, and the software development process in general, not just the development aspect.


  • Coordinates and delegates work to engineers
  • Propose technical concepts for various projects
  • Experience as a senior (senior software engineer-level) required
  • Demonstrates proficiency mentoring engineers and working to optimize team productivity
  • Produces quality metrics for the software developed by his teams
  • Leads delivery of major initiatives
  • Continues to contribute bug fixes and small features without becoming a bottleneck
  • Leads recruiting efforts and determine headcount for their team
  • Adds new knowledge to the teams under his supervision as needed by the project
  • Sets clear expectations for team members; solicits synthesizes and delivers feedback
  • Communicates timeline, scope and technical concerns
  • Is strongly proficient in all aspects of the software life cycle and balance of quality vs. release efficiency
  • Supervises and leads engineers across DevOps, QA, and development teams to drive the release management process
  • Identifies people issues within the team, maintains regular 1on1 meetings, and follows up on action items
  • Strong awareness of end-user/customer expectations
  • Advocate and mentor for agile principles and process
  • Removes project-based roadblocks


  • Extensive PHP technical knowledge and experience with large projects
  • True leadership experience combined with coaching and mentoring
  • Great understanding of the overhaul software development process
  • College or university degree in software engineering or equivalent
  • Experience with Front-End frameworks - especially AngularJS+ would be of great additional value
Engineering Lead PHP
  • Chișinău
  • Cluj-Napoca

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