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Kanban Expert

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Kanban Expert

You should be a highly organized, accurate and detail-oriented person, who possesses a strong work ethic, who is also comfortable handling multiple, rapidly changings and tasks.


      •    University degree;

Soft skills

·       Strong presentation, communication and interpersonal skills;

·       Enthusiastic and maintains a positive, high-energy attitude;

·       Able to handle conflict resolution well, facilitating discussion and alternatives of different approaches;

·       Good networking; influences & collaborates with multifunctional teams to achieve goals;

·       Ability to create, manage and motivate working teams;

·       Experience in project management & project implementation;

·       Good technical, analytical skills;

·       Ability to understand processes


Hard skills

·       At least 3 years of experience with Kanban frameworks;

·       Advanced knowledge of KANBAN;

·       Experience in training, coaching and mentoring new Kanban teams;

·       Good expertise of production systems; experience working in large production enterprises;

·       Knowledge of relevant methods of lean production;

·       Knowledge of production planning and leveling;

·       Understands different delivery systems (including traditional planning systems);

·       Experienced with Gemba, Kanban, 5S, JIT, SMED;

·       Understands takt time vs cycle time;

·       Knowledge of line balancing, production leveling and time studies;

·       SAP operating knowledge;

·       PC knowledge;

·       Fluent in English;


Main responsabilities:

·       Designs KANBAN concept;

·       Calculation of KANBAN data;

·       Heijunka configuration;

·       Power loop design;

·       Calculation of the supermarket;

·       Defines and implements control instruments;

·       Defines KPIs, gives regular feedback;

·       Production management, continuous improvement, problem solving;

·       Personnel training / coaching;

·       Organizes workshops that help promote Kanban maturity across the organization; ensures Kanban concepts, values and principles are adhered to.;

·       Builds, delivers and improves customized Kanban coaching and training.


We offer

·       career development opportunities;

·       competitive wage package;

·       bonuses during the year (holiday, end-of-year, loyalty);

·       trainings & courses;

Kanban Expert
JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems Romania SRL
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