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Cost Engineer

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Inginerie & Informație tehnologică

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. We are 27,000 people, active in over 70 countries that generate €3.3 billion in revenues.
Our specialists are using the latest software solutions for computer aided engineering and computer aided design in order to provide the highest quality services, varying from 2D drafting and 3D modelling to computing and Building Information Modeling.

GEC (Global Excellence Center) Romania

  • More than 20 years experience in design and engineering;
  • Active in several domains in multi-disciplinary projects, with 4 major Business Lines – Buildings, Infrastructure, Water and Environment;
  • Major focus on Digital, in the fields like BIM, Digital Twin, Data analytics and automation.

Job purpose

You will be part of Data science and Management team in Arcadis Iasi office, where we have specialists which are using engineering, scientific, mathematical and computational tools from several domains to develop and sustain modern and risk-free communities.

Job description

Cost Engineers are responsible for the cost estimation of infrastructure projects, starting from feasibility study up to the tendering of the projects. Estimations include the capital expense (CAPEX) and/or operating expense (OPEX) and/or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As cost engineer, you identify costs of elements such as raw materials, equipment and labor. You will be part of the cost engineering team in Iasi, which supports the cost engineering team in the Netherlands.

Your role will include, but is not limited to:

  • Identifying factors affecting costs, such as production, time, materials;
  • Reporting to a Cost Engineer who would provide direct supervision;
  • Reading blueprints and technical documents in order to prepare estimates;
  • Collaboration with engineers, architects and project managers;
  • Preparing Bill of Quantities (BoQ);
  • Calculating, analyzing, and adjustment of existing estimates;
  • Estimating costs for infrastructure projects using specialized software (GWW Calc).


Arcadis way of estimation is based on using a cost pyramid. The costs for the projects are being built using a specialized software called “GWW-Calc”. This software is developed in the Netherlands and the interface is in Dutch. However, no previous knowledge of Dutch language is required. You’ll be supported by:

  • A coach (Senior Cost Engineer based in the Netherlands);
  • Ongoing internal education;
  • Ongoing on-the-job-training;
  • Books;
  • Support by the existing team in Iasi;


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Management or related field;
  • Strong English language skills;
  • Technical & decision-making skills - you will collaborate with designers and other specialists and you will extract information about quantities and prices using drawings and/or technical documents or BIM models;
  • Accuracy and quality focus - you will create traceable and transparent Bill-of-Quantities and cost estimations, following the training offered by senior cost engineers;
  • Communication skills - you will prepare cost estimations and communicate the results with the cost engineer and/or the project manager;
  • Detail oriented - you will be able to pay attention to details because minor changes can greatly affect the overall cost of a project;
  • Math skills - you will calculate labor, material, and equipment cost estimates for construction projects. You will use software, such as spreadsheets and you will receive training to learn how to create accurate cost estimations using our specialized software used for cost estimations;
  • Time-management skills - you will often work on fixed deadlines, so you must plan in advance the work efficiently. Also, you should be able to work on multiple tasks and to collaborate actively with other teams;
  • Effective team player - you will be part of a team of cost engineers based in Iasi, who collaborate with the main team in the Netherlands. You will also collaborate with designers, specialists and project managers;

Why should you become an Arcadian?

We want to make our workplace cozier and your life more enjoyable, which is why we will provide perks and benefits, some based on your preferences:

  • Health Benefits Package - for you and someone you care for;
  • Wellness programs (sport tickets and workshops);
  • Flexible working schedule (starting hours & work from home in certain situations)
  • Growth opportunities according to a clearly defined career path;
  • Travel opportunities, global activities & rewards;
  • Easter & Christmas & Travel & Meal tickets;
  • Employee discounts at our partners;
  • Retirement savings plans;
  • Bonus for referring a friend;
  • Christmas parties & team buildings.
Cost Engineer

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