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Drafting Engineer

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Producție & Tehnică

* High School Diploma in Mechanics, Degree in Engineering
* Knowledge of English language
* Excellent knowledge of drawing and reading technical drawing
* Knowledge of AutoCAD and Inventor
* Interpersonal relations
* Organization and flexibility.


The Integrates Solution Drafter is responsible for the execution of Detailed Engineering and General Arrangement (GA) drawings, both at quotation or execution phase, for Natural Gas (or other gases) pressure reducing, filtering, heating, metering, motorization skids and stations within delivery schedule program; including feasibility studies, load calculation and general support to the Integrated Solutions Team.
The role is also involved in the configuration of new CAD systems under Design Team Coordinator direction.

The drafting engineer communicates frequently with Design Team and SAE & PMO (Skid Application Engineers and Project Management Organization).

* Reading, interpretation of basic Engineering Documents related to each assigned project, such as (but not limited to): local and international STD, customer’s Specs, Emerson’s internal specs and drawing execution procedures and best practices, P&Id, Bill of Material (BoM)
* Execution of 2D construction tables starting from 3D projects executed by Design Application Engineers
* Modification of existing projects based on instructions provided to revise projects under execution or to realize new skids starting from existing ones.
* 3D block execution for components, devices needed for project execution. The drafter shall be able to realize 3D block based on 2D dwg or components bulletin or data sheet.
* Creation of all detailed piping and accessories lists and BoMs (stud, bolts, nuts, fittings, piping materials, accessories) and/or any detailed necessary for finalizing the detailed project and execution.
* 3D digitalization (conversion) of existing “paper drawings” or CAD 2D drawings.
* Execution of “on-demand” tables/documents and/or specific drawings for dedicated projects as per Team Coordinator needs and communication.
* Technical training with Bologna, Chartres, Manchester and Cluj team when needed. Frequent contacts by Jabber, WebEx with remote team locations.

Drafting Engineer
  • Cluj-Napoca

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