Tenaris Silcotub

  • Industrie: Producție & Tehnică
  • Oraș: Zalău, Sălaj
  • Adresa: Mihai Viteazu, nr.93, Zalau, Salaj
  • Telefon: 0260 603 532

TenarisSilcotub is a leading Romanian producer of small diameter seamless pipes used in the mechanical industry, automotive, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industry, and power industry. TenarisSilcotub can design, manufacture and supply a wide range of seamless tubes according to customers requirements, in order to meet the most sophisticated demands and to provide technical assistance and product development, logistic services and just-in-time delivery and personalized stock management. Our locations in Romania are: Zalău, Câmpina, Călăraşi, Cluj-Napoca, Ploieşti, Bucureşti.