• Industrie: IT & Software
  • Oraș: Târgu Mureș, Mureș
  • Adresa: str. George Cosbuc nr 1
  • Telefon: 0742976153

We are a bunch of creative geeks that love gaming and belive that they master the alchemy of transmuting codes into games by putting their heads together and coming up with fun games for iOS and Android.
If you want to be part of our creed send us a flying pigeon using our email address: office@quadom.com.
We are now recruiting for these specific jobs:

- C# coder: If you have solid knowledge in programming and want to take up a career in game development.

- Unity developer: If Unity and C# are familiar technologies for you.

- QA lead tester: if you have experience in software testing and you want to be the leader of a team.

- Product manager: If you are as organised as it gets, and you have experience in management.