CSI Romania

  • Industrie: Producție & Tehnică
  • Oraș: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
  • Adresa: Bulevardul Muncii, numarul 12
  • Telefon: 0720063894

CSi always strives to be the most respected and most valued supplier in the field of intelligent product handling and aims to ensure that the relationships it has are long-lasting and pleasurable.

We believe we should enjoy what we do whilst at the same time working hard to satisfy our customers, respect the world we work in and of course making some money. It also means that we constantly aim to improve all aspects of our business, whilst focusing on our key objective – providing cost-effective, intelligent materials handling solutions.

Our customers perform better because CSi continuously works with them to improve their logistics processes - we always aim to offer the best possible solution. We strive to be the global leader in intelligent product handling and our commitment is to achieve maximum success in everything we do. We are all passionate about the jobs we do and are flexible and willing to adjust to all of the challenges we may face in the future. Above all professionalism, sustainability, quality and reliability remain as the bedrock of our organisation.

Joburi la CSI Romania



Tip: full time

Numar pozitii: 2

Localitate: Cluj-Napoca



Tip: full time

Numar pozitii: 3

Localitate: Cluj-Napoca

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