• Industrie: IT & Software
  • Oraș: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj

Following its launch a decade ago, Catalysts has proven itself as one of the most innovative and successful IT companies in both Austria and Romania.

The same goes for the Catalysts Coding Contest, our annual programming contest, which now takes place in several european and african countries.

The core aspects of this success story are exciting projects ( from Machine Learning to Satellite Data Processing)  knowledge sharing, teamwork, interculturalism and harmony.

When it comes to fun, we know how to do it, starting with team breakfasts and dinners, made especially to unterstand and know each other better, to gaming nights and special events like paintball, laser tag or adventure games to support the team spirit.

All these elements together with the high technical level create a truly pleasent working environment, based on which we were voted 4 years in a row the best employer in Austria on the popular rating website




Joburi la Catalysts



Tip: full time

Numar pozitii: 3

Localitate: Cluj-Napoca

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