• Industrie: IT & Software
  • Oraș: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj


Altom focuses exclusively on Software Testing. This allows us to excel in our services and select the most skilled consultants.

Working together

The model we propose is ‘working together’ to understand your needs and problems. This allows us to find the optimal solution on a case-by-case basis, rather than ‘this is what we offer’. Weask for feedback, incorporate suggestions and adapt our working style to best suit the project and the project team.


We are looking for long-term business relationships and we are committed to our engagements.


We believe that communication is essential to our work. We place special attention to keeping theinformation flow simple, clear and relevant to have transparency in our projects.

Continuous improvement

We believe in continuously improving our testing skill and knowledge in order to provide valuable services.

Changing the mindset on testing

We believe that we can contribute to changing the mindset on testing and help our clients, partners and employees understand the value of testing and its role in delivering quality.


Job openings

Please have a look at our open positions here: